What the bible says about violence and Christianity


This should lay to rest to so called pacifist heresy of Jesus and of Christianity. Turning the other cheek is not what many Christians think.

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April 21, 2014 · 1:40 am

The “Double Standard” Double Standard

One is not, in the Christian church, ever allowed to criticize sexual immorality in a woman.  This is an unwritten rule, the 11th commandment, enforced by what I call “the double standard” double standard.

It works like this:  Any time you point out that a woman is being sexually immoral, you will instantly get a reply from an exasperated Christian woman or a male Christian white knight, exclaiming, “But where are the men!  Why isn’t anyone talking about the men who sleep with these women?! Why is there this double standard?”

I agree: There is a double standard.  And it is based on the false perception of an opposite double standard.  People only ever decry a “double standard” when we talk about female sin.  Never when we talk about male sin.  This is itself the very definition of a double standard.

Everyone is saying “Why is no one talking about these men?!” Which, ironically, means everyone is talking about these men.   In fact, they only ever blame the man.  And if anyone mentions the woman shares equal blame, they then reply (after having already blamed the man), “But what about the men?!”

This is not only absurd, but logically fallacious.  Now, to this charge the feminist responds, “Logic is for boys.  They’re stupid.  Throw rocks at them.”

But for the rest of us who realize that logic is the reason we’re communicating with computers and iPads instead of still drawing pictures on cave walls, we see the fallacy immediately:  If A and B both engage in an immoral behavior, and I state that A is immoral for engaging in that behavior, this does not mean I am somehow stating that B is morally justified.  That is, simply because I say that Hitler was evil for murdering 6 million innocent Jews, doesn’t mean I’m excusing his junior officers.  Nor Neville Chamberlain for appeasing him.  Nor the German people for voting for him.  If I condemn Hitler, I am not at the same time justifying the Turks for the Armenian Genocide, or Stalin for his murderous purges.  Only an idiot would say that I am.

But they don’t teach logic in schools anymore.  It’s more important to teach young girls how to put condems(sic) on cucumbers.

In a later post I will explain why I believe this “double standard” double standard exists.

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The case against teenagers

THis book describes why teenage is a social construct. Essentially the concept of teenager did not exist before the 40ths and is only a means for marketers to divide up the population into segments. This book argues against infantilizing young people.


February 8, 2014 · 8:39 am

Miyamoto Musashi’s 21-Point Checklist


21 points of minimalist masculine lifestyle.

Originally posted on The Red Pill Journal:

Samurai One Miyamoto Musashi

“If you wish to control others, you must first control yourself.”
― Miyamoto Musashi

In keeping with my fixation on all things Japanese, I did a bit of reading on Miyamoto Musashi. Having already read the Book of Five Rings (which I greatly enjoyed) I wanted to know more about the man. He’s known as the unbeaten samurai, having won over 60 duels before losing to what was probably thoracic cancer, in his sixties. He’s a fascinating guy with his share of legends.

One of my favorites was the story of his island duel.

Musashi rowed a boat to the dueling point, riding the tide, and carved his weapon, a wooden practice sword, out of one of his oars. Then he beat his opponent to death, before making his escape on the receding tide. Supposedly, he used the sun to his advantage, blinding his opponent as he parried.


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Since I have my exams this week I will leave with this

Take my money now!!!!


January 26, 2014 · 8:16 am

How to survive the coming collapse


December 7, 2012 · 11:43 pm

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